Roof Repairs

From new home construction, to repairs and maintenance, we’ve got your roof covered. We offer a wide array of products to fit every installation, and our permanent repair products instantly stop leaks and drafts.

Quick Roof™ Clear Patch
Roof Repairs, RV Repairs

Quick Roof™ Clear Patch

QUICK ROOF CLEAR PATCH’s remarkable bonding properties are the result of its proprietary blend of unique co-polymers and butyl rubber. It can be installed without the need for primer at temperatures as low as 20°F, and keeps on sticking down to -70°F. It stops leaks instantly, and repairs most roofing materials, gutters, flashings, RV’s, mobile homes, trucks, trailers, skylights, garden sheds, camping gear, and more! See-through Clear Patch creates repairs that are almost invisible!

QUICK ROOF CLEAR PATCH is available in 4"x20' rolls.