Roof Repairs

From new home construction, to repairs and maintenance, we’ve got your roof covered. We offer a wide array of products to fit every installation, and our permanent repair products instantly stop leaks and drafts.

EPDM Roof Repair
Roof Repairs

EPDM Roof Repair


QUICK ROOF EPDM repair products are composed of a combination of aggressive butyl adhesives and EPDM rubber, designed for roof repair and construction. Cofair’s EPDM product line includes: QUICK ROOF EPDM SEAM TAPE, QUICK ROOF EPDM REPAIR TAPE, QUICK ROOF UNCURED EPDM FLASHING, and our EPDM SELF-ADHESIVE PIPE BOOT.

QUICK ROOF EPDM SEAM TAPE is a double-sided butyl adhesive tape designed for use in the seam between two sheets of EPDM rubber. It creates a gasket and seal between the sheets of EPDM, keeping them in place and preventing any gaps that would let in air or moisture.

QUICK ROOF EPDM REPAIR TAPE is composed of a fully cured strip of EPDM rubber with an exceptionally aggressive butyl rubber adhesive. It creates a waterproof barrier that seals out moisture, and can be used to repair roofs, skylights, chimneys, and more. EPDM REPAIR TAPE is compatible with EPDM rubber, TPO, Hypalon, modified asphalt, and metal roof surfaces.

QUICK ROOF UNCURED EPDM FLASHING is composed of an uncured EPDM rubber membrane and a butyl rubber adhesive. This allows it to stretch, mold, and conform to cover irregular shapes, making it ideal for flashing and sealing Pipes, Corners, Roof Penetrations, Seams, and other repair areas.

EPDM SELF-ADHESIVE PIPE BOOT is a pre-molded EPDM Pipe Boot, used to create a weatherproof seal around pipe penetrations from roofs and other surfaces. This pipe boot fits pipe penetrations between one to six inches, and comes with a stainless-steel clamp to secure the top of the boot to the pipe.

EPDM Seam Tape

EPDM Repair Tape

Uncured EPDM Flashing

EPDM Pipe Boot

3” x 25’ Roll

6” x 25’ Roll

9” x 25’ Roll

13” Diameter