Nobody wants a drafty home. But without a high-quality flashing material, installed windows and doors are likely to let in air and moisture. That's why we offer a wide array of flashing products designed specifically for window and door installation. From traditional window flashings, to flexible tapes for sills, to a closed-cell foam that forms a gasket under doors, our products will seal out the elements, keeping homes comfortable, dry, and energy-efficient. 

Tite Seal Foam
Window and Door Flashing

Tite Seal Foam

TITE SEAL FOAM THRESHOLD BARRIER is composed of a closed cell foam and a rubberized asphalt adhesive. It is applied underneath the threshold of a door in place of caulk. When the weight of the door is applied to it, it creates a gasket, sealing out moisture and air penetration. As it has an even surface, TITE SEAL FOAM THRESHOLD BARRIER eliminates the uncertainty of an uneven bead of caulk creating a substandard seal. In the case of an uneven sub-floor, the uneven surface can be filled with a patch of TITE SEAL FOAM THRESHOLD BARRIER before a continuous piece is laid over it.  

TITE SEAL FOAM THRESHOLD BARRIER is available in 5.5" x 3.5' rolls.