RV Repairs

No matter how rough the road gets, our RV repair products will fix up any kind of RV or Camper. No matter what type or color of roof you have, we’ve got you covered. Available at RV supply stores across the US.

Quick Roof™ Pro Aluminum
Roof Repairs

Quick Roof™ Pro Aluminum

Instant Waterproof Repair

QUICK ROOF is the original aluminum-faced self-adhesive roll roofing and roof repair material. Its patented formula consists of a polymer reinforced aluminum surface and an aggressive rubberized asphalt adhesive. It’s UV stable, seals out the elements, and has a ten-year limited warranty. 

QUICK ROOF is available with Natural Aluminum and White aluminum facing materials, and is sold in the following sized rolls:

  • 3” X 25’
  • 6” X 25’
  • 6” X 33.3’
  • 18” X 33.3’
  • 36” X 33.3’