Pond and Driveway

It's easy to notice a leaking roof, but a cracked driveway or leaking pond can be just as harmful. Driveway Medic, our self-adhesive asphalt driveway repair tape is perfect for helping homeowners with harmful and unsightly cracks, and our pond liner repair products will seal your leaks, maintain your water level, and keep your fish happy and healthy.

Tite Seal Flex
Window and Door Flashing

Tite Seal Flex

TITE SEAL FLEX is a flexible, self-adhesive, weatherproof flashing material, designed for use on window sills and arched windows. Its unique creped surface and rubberized asphalt mastic adhesive allow it to expand and conform to radius or curved windows. TITE SEAL FLEX will adhere to wood, OSB, metal, masonry, vinyl, polyethylene, and foam surfaces.

TITE SEAL FLEX is available in a 6"x25' roll